Regarding the Service

With extensive experience participating in digitalization projects for numerous global enterprises, expert project management, the creation of blueprints to maximize the effects of electronic contract implementation, support for system integration, sharing of best practices, and continuous support for better utilization of the electronic contract platform even after implementation.

Product Value

BestSign is committed to reducing corporate costs, improving efficiency, controlling risks, enhancing the experiences of customers and employees, and realizing a digital upgrade in line with the times. By providing enterprises with electronic contract cloud services, BestSign enables electronic contract signing without being restricted by time and location, while ensuring contract security, compliance, and immutability.
Improving Work Efficiency

The entire process of creating, verifying, approving, signing, and transmitting electronic contracts can be completed online, reducing the working time to just a few minutes. This is a boon for businesses looking to save time and enhance efficiency.

Eco Value

In line with the modern trends of energy conservation, low-carbon, and eco-friendliness, utilizing electronic contracts that realize paperless transactions means that resources such as paper, printing ink, electricity, packaging, and transportation are all unnecessary.

Operational Cost Reduction

Due to the realization of paperless transactions, signed contracts are encrypted and stored/managed through third-party platforms. This results in reduced operational costs, including savings on printing paper, inventory management, logistics transportation, and personnel management.

Realization of Secure Management

Electronic contracts are encrypted with high-intensity security and stored in the cloud, protecting against risks such as contract errors, loss, damage, and leaks due to natural and human factors.

Intelligent management throughout the signing process, allowing contracts to connect with business

Electronic Signing
Send and sign contracts online, ensuring their legality and validity

More efficient signing

Compatible with multiple devices, instant contract issuance and signing.

Low operational cost

Drastically reduces operational costs, including printing, mailing, storage, and manual management expenses.

Safe and compliant control

Encrypted file storage, traceable signing process, addresses corporate seal risk vulnerabilities, and avoids risks.

Improved signing experience

Convenient operation enhances the signing experience for both parties, leading to increased satisfaction in business cooperation.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Automate contract processes and achieve intelligent management

Customizable signing workflows

Configure and manage contract templates based on various business scenarios, shortening the circulation period.

Accommodate diverse business developments

Manage multiple business lines, prevent cross-mingling of business data, and achieve vertical operation.

Strengthen group control

Through the division of seals, roles, templates, and other permissions, achieve transparent management between the group and its subsidiaries.

Industry Chain Collaboration
Connect enterprises' upstream and downstream networks throughout the industry chain, promoting efficient business ecosystem operations.

One-stop service for partners

Integrate multiple data sources, manage online uniformly, and provide clear at-a-glance transaction information.

Industry Interconnection

Offer a foundational network for large enterprises to interconnect and trust each other, ensuring smooth inter-enterprise communication and trustworthy online business transactions, expanding industry scale and influence.

Are your contract documents protected in this manner

Encrypted Communication

Communication between customers and BestSign is always encrypted using SSL/TLS (256-bit encryption). We address the risks of eavesdropping, interception, resending, and deception in communication.

Encrypted File Storage

Uploaded files are stored encrypted (using AES-GCM encryption) to prevent third parties from reading the data.


To protect data confidentiality from external network attacks and unauthorized access, confidential information is stored away from the Internet through a firewall.


Contract data is always automatically backed up. Multiple backups are carried out on multiple devices across various facilities, ensuring there's no concern of data loss even in the event of a disaster.

Account Protection

When setting a password, the strength of the password is checked, preventing the use of short or easily guessable passwords. In addition to password authentication, two-factor authentication can also be set up.

IP Address Restriction

Customers who choose the business plan can access BestSign only from specific IP addresses (multiple IP addresses can be set). This prevents unauthorized use by third parties.

ISO 27001 Certification

We have obtained the ISO 27001 (ISMS) certification, an international standard for information security management. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Cost Reduction and Profit Margin Enhancement


Reduced Contract Time by Over 95%
From 10 steps down to 2, achieving a tangible boost in efficiency

For paper-based contracts (the entire process takes at least 3 days): Draft review - Printing - Signing - Stamping - Mailing - Recipient verification - Recipient's signing - Recipient's stamping - Returning the contract - File confirmation.

For electronic contracts (entire process completed in under 3 minutes): Upload/Sign/Send - Receive/Review/Sign.


Reduced Contract-Related Costs by Over 60%
Significant reduction in primary operational costs, with the benefits of implementation growing proportionally to the increase in the number of contracts processed

For paper-based contracts: Shipping costs/Paper costs/Printing costs/Administration fees/Stamp tax/Supplies expenses.

For electronic contracts: Usage fee based on the number of contracts.

Service Team

Supporting our clients' success is a value that BestSign has consistently upheld over the long term. Based on our experience of providing services to numerous enterprises, we have constructed a mature service scheme. From swift implementation and service deployment to full operational support, we assist in streamlining contractual operations and achieving significant improvements in customer experience. Our standard services are available in as little as 7 days.

Supporting digital transformation in Fortune 500 companies:

· Specialized project management services.

· Organization of business requirements and blueprint creation.

· System integration services.

· Post-implementation support and sharing of best practices.

Supporting the entire lifecycle:

· Regular reviews post-implementation and proposals for further improvements.

· Sharing of best practices, continuous feature additions and updates.

· Consulting services.

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