Contract Management Function

Covering the entire business process related to contracts, from contract creation to signing and contract management, it is an electronic contract platform adaptable to various scenarios.

Advantages of the Service

With Greater Peace of Mind

Leading the industry with compliance expertise, securely operated with numerous security technologies.

More Smartly

Rich real-world scenario examples, multi-faceted delegation of online contract workflows.

At the Cutting Edge

Over 50 iterations on average per month, consistently providing service experiences to the Fortune Top 500 companies through product features.

Service Plan
Standard Edition

Start using immediately after purchase

Meets basic requirements for signature management, contract management, and basic electronic contracts.

Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition


1Batch Sending

You can send electronic contracts to multiple recipients in bulk, reducing the effort and time required to send each one individually.

2Electronic Contract Statistics

You can reference the usage statistics of electronic contracts as statistical data. This can be used to understand usage patterns on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Included Features:

Sending and signing of contracts

Creation and management of contract templates

Configuration of contract terms and conditions

Setting of signing deadlines

Automatic signing

Batch signing

Setting of signing order

Sending to recipients who don't require signatures

Requesting permission for seals and stamps

Contract search

Ledger management

Contract expiration reminders

Member management

Role and permission management

Contract contact address book management

Seal and stamp management


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