List of Features

Efficiently and securely manage business and organizational administration through online electronic contracts.

Basic features of the BestSign product


Complete contracts quickly with a simple and easy-to-understand interface


Ensure the Authenticity and Validity of Contract Agreements

With eSignatures and certified timestamps, the identity, non-tampering, and integrity of electronic contracts are ensured.

Contract Lifecycle Management


Comprehensive Authority Management, Centralized Corporate Oversight

Realize meticulous management of operations and permissions in large organizations across corporate groups and multiple business units.

1. Strengthen governance through multifaceted management capabilities for subsidiary companies.

2. Centralize control over contract template creation/use, transmission permissions, and signing authority.

3. When used across multiple business units, share IT resources while segregating data.


Sending, Receiving, and Signing Electronic Contracts

Powerful contract sending capabilities combined with user-friendly operations. Greatly improve the efficiency of the contract cycle.

1. Contract template creation: Integrate variable items into templates and possess the ability to generate and send multiple contracts with a single click. This bulk sending function streamlines contract preparation, enhancing the overall efficiency of contract operations.

2. Ultra-fast access and convenient operations lead to completion in just one minute. Save on the costs of printing and mailing contracts and significantly reduce the contract signing cycle.


Contract Management

Intelligent contract management platform.

Post-conclusion contract management made simpler and more convenient.

1. Visualize authentication, viewing, and signature statuses. Grasp the situation in a timely manner.

2. Contract expiration reminders, contract search, labeling by contract status, contract archiving, and export features.

Product Feature List

Management of Various Documents

Reliably collect and store essential documents and information in the hiring process, such as graduation certificates, qualification certificates, health check reports, as well as texts, photos, and PDFs.

Template Creation

A feature that enables efficient operation through the flexible combination of multiple templates based on usage scenarios, and the convenient bulk import of contract party information with a single click.

Transmission and Reception Features

Batch transmission, proxy transmission, group verification, batch verification, and a user-friendly, efficient electronic contract transmission function.

Signature Functions

Batch signatures, automatic signatures, multi-party signatures, agent signatures, and a rich variety of forms.

Approval Functions

Multiple approval workflows. You can individually configure the appropriate approval workflow before sending and signing the contract.

Contract Management

Follow-up on contract status, archive management, label categorization, and contract search, among others, streamline the operation and management of contracts.

Real-Time Notifications

You can flexibly and independently configure whether to receive notifications about the progress status of electronic contracts, such as approval completion and signature completion, in real-time. The signature deadline and contract expiration date can be customized and set in advance.

Access Control

Centralized management of permissions related to templates and seals. This achieves enhanced data classification and governance, as well as standardization of the management process.

Compliance Management

Enhances the prevention of contract tampering, high-level management of confidential data, and adherence to compliance in the signing process.

Adaptable Scenarios for Each Industry

We have a track record of addressing typical scenarios specific to multiple industries, supporting the resolution of industry-specific issues.

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