Company introduction
As the largest car manufacturer in Northern Europe, Volvo Car Corporation needs to uniformly finalize cooperation contracts with dealerships in each cycle. Due to the distribution of these counterparts across various regions in China, the traditional paper-based contract method not only incurs high postage costs but is also inefficient. The entire contract conclusion cycle could take up to 3 months or longer. Furthermore, storing past contracts consumed administrative space, making them inconvenient to retrieve. To address this, in 2017, Volvo began introducing electronic contracts, hoping to transform the traditional contract signing methods and break the limitations of offline signatures.
Usage Benefits
Cost Reduction:
The offline contract process can reduce printing, storage, mailing, and management costs. Post-introduction of this new system, contract management that previously required a team can now be executed by a single individual, leading to a reduction in labor costs.
Internal Process Optimization:
The efficiency of internal collaboration is significantly enhanced. Various business entities can collaborate, allowing approval processes for paper contracts to proceed simultaneously without waiting sequentially. At the same time, business personnel are freed from process-centric tasks and are no longer plagued by delays often referred to "as waiting in the seal stamping line".
Carbon Neutral:
With the adoption of electronic contracts and the digitization of all processes, paper usage is reduced. This cuts down on offline interactions and mailing costs. Collectively, this aligns with Volvo's business philosophy and corporate culture of environmental protection and sustainability.

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