Deere & Company

Company introduction
Deere & Company is one of the Fortune 500 companies and a leading global supplier offering advanced products and services in the agriculture and forestry sectors. They are also a major supplier providing cutting-edge products and services in construction, turf and ground maintenance, landscape engineering, and irrigation. Furthermore, Deere & Company provides financial services and is involved in the global manufacturing and sale of heavy machinery engines.
Usage Benefits
Efficiency Enhancement:
With online dispatch and immediate contracting, the efficiency of post-recruitment contracts improved by 75% by circumventing the widespread geographical impact of pandemic precautions.
Cost Savings:
With the introduction of electronic contracts, it is estimated that there can be a reduction of up to $20,000 annually in postage costs, contract storage fees, and manual review and management expenses.
Strengthened Management:
Avoids risks associated with the misuse of credentials during the contracting process, impersonation, loss during mailing, and manual errors in contract procedures.
Support for Digitalization:
Assisted Deere & Company in digitalizing its operations, reducing manual tasks, enhancing the contract experience for agents, and facilitating the construction, borrowing, and management of digital contracts.

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