Company introduction
The Haier Group has consistently applied electronic contracts in scenarios such as internal file signatures and the supply chain. This has enabled the full digitization of the supply chain, assisting in addressing the final constraints in the Haier Group's digital transformation process.
Usage Benefits
Optimization of Workflow:
The functionality of electronic contracts goes beyond just implementing stamp operations. The transition from offline to online contracts inherently brings about the optimization of the workflow. BestSign not only aids in optimizing Haier's application cycles and contract processes but also facilitates the reduction of employee and operational & maintenance costs.
Cost Reduction and Efficiency:
Six months after implementation, more than 15,000 agents have fully switched to electronic contracts. This has been applied to over 20 types of agreements such as transaction statements, sales incentive agreements, and agency deduction agreements. The monthly average of agreements exceeds 80,000. This has effectively sped up the entire process, saving more than 500,000 yuan in paper media and transportation costs.
Strengthening Compliance:
Using technologies like real-name authentication, digital certificates, and timestamps, the legality of contracts is ensured. Throughout the entire process, step-by-step notarization by notary offices provides strong legal protection. As a leading company in China's manufacturing industry, Haier is selective about its cooperative partners. Given BestSign's prominence as a leading company in the electronic contract industry, Haier decided to collaborate closely with them. This partnership optimized the company's contract process, simultaneously achieving cost reduction, improved efficiency, and avoiding potential legal risks in the contract process.

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