Company introduction
Daikin began considering electronic contract issues from 2019. The primary objective was to address the annual contract signing issue with our agents. Initially, we were contemplating creating a flow on the platform similar to informed consent. However, taking into consideration compliance and subsequent certificate issuance, we eventually decided to purchase a third-party system.
Usage Benefits
Supporting Rapid Digital Network Establishment for Enterprises:
1) Agent Acceptance:** In a survey among 200 Daikin agents, over 20% have used BestSign.
2) Certificate Issuance Flow:** According to a survey at the Eastern Notary Office, certificate issuance is adequately stringent, indicating that business risks have been mitigated.
Improved Transfer Efficiency:
Through electronic contracts, significant reductions in waiting times for processes such as printing/delivery/signing/collection/review lead to substantial improvements in operational efficiency, ledger reconciliation efficiency, and capital turnover rate.
Elimination of Operational Risks:
Effectively preventing issues like the loss or damage of paper-based forms; relevant executives can track and handle situations anytime, proactively identifying and averting major issues.

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