Company introduction
Orion Foods introduced the BestSign electronic contract platform in 2019. We are currently promoting the digitization of forms across the entire group. Through our partnership in contract management, we have significantly improved the efficiency of processes such as building supplier chain networks, human resources and labor management, logistics and supply chain management, agency management, and legal & risk management.
Usage Benefits
Enhanced Signing Efficiency:
By integrating the OA review process, we have realized online support for contract management, aiming to improve the review efficiency.
Strengthened Risk Management Capabilities:
Real-name verification of suppliers effectively assesses the qualifications of suppliers, preventing tampering in the contract flow and eliminating potential risks.
Agency Dynamic Management:
Depending on market conditions, we promptly adjust operational strategies, swiftly sign sales promotion agreements with agents, launch promotional events, and ensure timely verification of sales quantities in all vouchers, achieving a smarter analysis and operation.

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