GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Company introduction
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a leading global supplier of prescription medications and vaccines, introduced the OnSign eSignature platform in 2020. Initially, the adoption was to address the signing of various certification documents for return-to-work procedures amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, presently, its use has expanded to include the signing of service verification documents with doctors, speaker contracts, pharmaceutical research and development, informed consent with patients, clinical research protocols, project commissioning signatures with hospitals, and even human resource scenarios like employment verification, resignation verification, income proof, and promotion notifications. This has enhanced the company's online business process capabilities.
Usage Benefits
Promotion of Digital Documentation:
Various certificates are recognized by authoritative institutions such as companies, banks, social insurance agencies, and embassies. These certifications have facilitated the early resumption of operations and production during the coronavirus outbreak, thereby accelerating the digital transformation of certification documents.
Signature Efficiency Improvement:
The electronic signing of speaker contracts allows sales representatives to easily contact speakers from remote locations and conclude contracts with legal force through remote signatures, optimizing the signing process.
Strengthened Risk Management:
By gradually introducing the system across multiple scenarios, GSK has centralized seal management. At the same time, it has achieved data segregation across all business lines, eliminating potential risks.

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