24.23 million
Number of enterprises using the service
646 million
Total registered accounts
31.18 million
Highest number of signatures in a single day
12.7 billion
Total number of sent items
From the start of the service in 2014 to the present.

Intelligent management throughout the signing process, allowing contracts to connect with business

Electronic Signing
Send and sign contracts online, ensuring their legality and validity
More efficient signing: Compatible with multiple devices, instant contract issuance and signing.
Low operational cost: Drastically reduces operational costs, including printing, mailing, storage, and manual management expenses.
Safe and compliant control: Encrypted file storage, traceable signing process, addresses corporate seal risk vulnerabilities, and avoids risks.
Improved signing experience: Convenient operation enhances the signing experience for both parties, leading to increased satisfaction in business cooperation.
Contract Lifecycle Management
Automate contract processes and achieve intelligent management
Customizable signing workflows: Configure and manage contract templates based on various business scenarios, shortening the circulation period.
Accommodate diverse business developments: Manage multiple business lines, prevent cross-mingling of business data, and achieve vertical operation.
Strengthen group control: Through the division of seals, roles, templates, and other permissions, achieve transparent management between the group and its subsidiaries.
Industry Chain Collaboration
Connect enterprises' upstream and downstream networks throughout the industry chain, promoting efficient business ecosystem operations.
One-stop service for partners: Integrate multiple data sources, manage online uniformly, and provide clear at-a-glance transaction information.
Industry Interconnection: Offer a foundational network for large enterprises to interconnect and trust each other, ensuring smooth inter-enterprise communication and trustworthy online business transactions, expanding industry scale and influence.

212 Fortune 500 corporate users


6 Reasons to Choose BestSign

Supporting Asia's largest electronic contract network with cutting-edge services.

Providing electronic contract services to over 20 million companies with an average of more than 160 million transactions per month.

Availability is 99.99% or higher. Recorded continuous operation for over 2,500 days.

World-class Security

An electronic contract service operated under a security system that is highly regarded by some of the world's leading investment banks and pharmaceutical companies.

The following ISO certifications have been obtained:

ISO27001 (Information Security Management System certification)

ISO27018 (Public Cloud Personal Information Protection Management System)

ISO38505-1 (Data Governance certification)

ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management System certification)

Digitalization of the Entire Contract Process

Leveraging expertise gained from supporting the digitalization of numerous companies, we provide swift integration with large-scale systems

From the preparation stage of contracts, through the execution, contract management, and provision of statistical information, we digitize the entire contract-related process.

Maximizing the Benefits of Electronic Contracts through the Efficiency of Various Intra-corporate Contract Operations

By digitalizing contract operations across various usage scenarios from B2B to B2C, we enhance operational efficiency and improve the end-user's customer experience.

Achieving Efficiency and Strengthening Governance for Large Enterprises and Corporate Groups' Contractual Operations

Through detailed permission settings and other functions, we realize improved efficiency and strengthened governance for large enterprises and corporate groups' contractual matters.

All funding comes from independent venture capital firms

· Tiger Global Management

· Matrix Partners

· DCM Ventures, and others.

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